This is my Problem

I’m a writer. Not a professional by any means, or even a particularly good one, but I am still a writer. I love it. I love figuring out how to translate my thoughts into words and putting it all to paper. This isn’t easy for me, because sometimes, the words for thoughts just won’t come, or, even worse, you don’t know the words that match the thought, or the words just plain don’t exist. That’s more than a little maddening….and it’s also not what I want to talk about. I really just wanted to talk about how difficult it is to post your work on a blog for everyone to see.

Ya’ see, that isn’t an easy thing for some people (me) to do. Because, when you put your work out there, you’re inviting people to critique it, and…well, accepting criticism is not always easy. And many critics on the internet, I’ve found, are often unhelpful and outright rude. Anonymity does funny things to people, huh?

There’s also another issue, one that I think many of you will be able to relate to. When you speak about your beliefs, your gods, and the way you practice magic(k), chances are pretty damn high that someone is going to say some variation of  “That isn’t how it’s done!”, or, gods forbid, “That isn’t how I do it, and therefore, it is the wrong way!”

(For anyone who does do that, go stick a large corkscrew up your posterior orifice and twist it.)

No one wants to hear stuff like that, especially not anyone identifying as any variation of Pagan, or Witch. Maybe, in some cases, they really aren’t doing it right, but frankly, in a culture as new (relatively speaking) and varied as ours, that’s really just a matter of opinion, because for them, maybe it is right. It feels that way, or they just know it.

I promise that all of this is relevant.

Anyway, moving back to writing. Since this is a site for witches, obviously I will write about (mostly) witchy things, and pagan things (I think there’s a difference. After all, you can be a polytheist and not do magic, though many of them do). Of course, these things will be, mainly, just my opinions, just like pretty much every blog post by every person ever is an opinion. Opinions of some people aren’t always going to fit with the opinions of others, and that leads to the whole ‘That isn’t how it’s done!’ thing…. Often, this leads to bickering in the comments section. Being a child of the Internet generation, I grew up seeing stuff like this.  I have a pretty good idea of how it goes…..

There was a fucking point to this post!

The long and short of it is that I’m kinda scared. I don’t want to be judged or criticized, even though I know, logically, that criticism is going to help me.

There. That’s basically all I wanted to say. That is the reason I have three or four things in my notebook that I haven’t typed up and published yet, cause I’m a damned wimp. Yep.


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