Monday Musings: Resolutions

The last couple of years I didn’t even consider doing new year’s resolutions, because, like most people, I couldn’t keep them. I figured, if I can’t keep them, then I shouldn’t even bother thinking about them. However, thanks to the Week 1 prompt, I had to. For a few days I thought and came up with a great big list of resolutions, which I eventually realized had turned into a bucket list. So, I started again, and came out with a much shorter list. And then I had to go through, cross things out, add some new stuff….and then I had to figure out what was too personal, and what could go in the post. This is the end result:

  •  Work more with my tarot cards
  • Change my diet
  • Start a book of shadows

Honestly, I still had a lot even after I figured out what couldn’t go on here, and I decided it would be best to keep this short-ish.

Tarot cards. I bought my first deck seven years ago. It’s the Mystic Dreamer  deck, and I bought it because it was pretty, mainly. As with most things that are bought with only prettiness in mind, they say around in their pouch, lazing about and growing fat. I only picked them up a couple times a month, fooled around, and then put them back down because I was a) unsure of myself; b) lazy, and; c) afraid that they wouldn’t work. Recently, I picked up a new deck, the Night Sun, and, it’s amazing and perfect for me. I’m going to buckle down and actually learn with this one.

Change my diet. This one started out as ‘lose weight’. I changed it when I remembered that losing weight means nothing if you’re unhealthy. One thing I have really learned is that I feel my best and most in touch with my inner woo-ness after I’ve been eating healthfully for a few days. Why not just eat like that all the time then? It will be better for me in the long run, after all.

Book of Shadows. I’m aware that this is a Wiccan term, and I do not consider myself Wiccan, but honestly, I don’t have a better name for it yet. Book of Cunning doesn’t sound right and if I called it The Book then no one would know what the heck I’m talking about, so, Book of Shadows it is, despite how silly I think it sounds.

ANYWAY. Book of Shadows. It irritates me, having to hunt through two shelves of books and twelve different files on my computer for the information I want on any given day, so, this seems like a good thing to start making.  Having all of the correspondences I need in one place would be incredibly convenient. It would also give me a place to store all of the recipes I’ve gathered over the last few months through my adventures in Kitchen Witchery. I’m not entirely sure where I should start though. There are literally hundreds of pages on the topic, but few of them seem…credible? Yes, I think that’s the word I want. Any help you lovely people can offer would be appreciated.


That’s everything, guys. I hope you all have a great week, and I look forward to reading all of your posts for Week 1!



3 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Resolutions

  1. Ha, I think ‘Book of Shadows’ is a little silly, too. I mean, I know the history behind the name, but it just doesn’t suit me. I’ve been practising for 20+ years, instead of cramming it all into one book series, I have many books: Book of Whatever (general information), Book of Mirrors (Spiritual Reflections Journal), Grimoire (Spells), Book of Hearth and Home (Domestic Magik), The Cauldron (Magikal Cooking/Baking Recipes; Kitchen Witchcraft), and one for Pagan Parenting. And they’re binders and electronic.

    I’d put in things that you know work, things that you know are factual. As for the rest, if you want to dedicate that kind of time to, research them. In my BOW, I have a lot of information, a lot of it cross checked and a lot not.

    As for where to start? I don’t know that you have deities or Spirits, but that’s where I start. Then maybe move onto altars or shrines, if you do those. For the rest, I’ve made an outline just to see what fits, how it flows from one topic to the next (then make an index page once you have it in order). Or you could just do random selection. Good luck either way!

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