Monday Musings: Personal Practice

Much like with last week’s prompt, I ended up thinking about this a lot. I probably over thought it, honestly, because by Thursday all I could do was stare at my notebook, thinking, dayum, Sara, you are boring.

 I don’t think I have any kind of personal practice! I don’t really celebrate the sabbats and esbats, I have no deities to pray too, I haven’t been working seriously with the tarot enough for it to be considered a practice and, honestly, I barely work magic. What kind of witch am I?! A boring one. Or maybe not one at all.

And then, after a lot more thinking, I remembered that I am a baby pagan.

I’ve been reading about wicca, witchcraft, and mythology since I was eleven or twelve, but I’ve only started to really start practicing within the last year and a half or so. I’ve been all over the place in that year and half. I’ve celebrated the sabbats, thinking ‘I feel stupid’ and ‘I’m not doing this right’. I don’t perform magic often magic often because I haven’t felt like I’ve ever had a situation that warrants its use.

And I should figure it out. I should do less reading and studying in the subject,and actually apply what I’ve learned in my life. Not having a practice makes me feel lazy…and it makes others think I’m not serious about this, when I am. Perhaps it’s time for me to stop being to flippant and irreverent in my activities. It’s time to buckle down.


One thought on “Monday Musings: Personal Practice

  1. Not easy starting out alone but that’s how most of us begin. Sometimes we cast spells without realizing we are. Sometimes animals show up at puzzling times and places. Are there no deities that call to you? None whose stories resonate? None that you admire for whatever reason? Not all of us have experiences like Jolene or Nornoriel. In fact, most don’t. I personally admire Freyja – she’s a badass goddess who lives her life on her own terms, refusing to let others (especially men) define her or limit her. That’s not to say I worship Her, or even light a candle to Her but if I were in a position to do so I’m inclined that way. You may find other attributes more appealing. Scott Cunningham has a series of books out geared to the beginner, and even if you aren’t Wiccan they’re a good place to start. Correspondences, herbs, crystals and minerals, basic information – it’s all there. It’s not a lonely path you walk, but it sure is windy.


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