Freyja Mini-Jar Candle

Back on the 13th, Nornoriel Lokason (heretofore known as Nono) posted about a candle giveaway on his blog, and I was lucky enough to comment first and win it.  I feel so lucky! So, I now have this little pretty in my possession:

Snapshot_20150318 Snapshot_20150318_1

It looks a whole lot prettier in person.

Amusing little anecdote: My mom brought this into my room, having already opened it (We share the same name, so this sort of thing happens frequently), and stuck around to see me take it out of the box. I bring out this cute, little jar, all that golden-yellow wax looking so pretty in the sunlight, and try to open it. No luck. Mom tries. No luck. My brother couldn’t even open it. I had to pry the lid off with my favorite (well, most used) knife. It took two hours to figure out I should probably try that…darn crooked lids.

Needless to say, I am pleased with the product. It looks good, and smells like heavenly. I haven’t lit it yet, and kinda don’t want to. It just…looks too good.

PS: Maybe I’ll light it up in Freyja’s honor (Obviously, it is called the Freyja candle, I just assume it can also be used for other purposes). I’ve never tried doing that for a deity before. Might be interesting. Maybe She’ll like it.


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