I mention her a lot, don’t I? Probably because she is all at once the primary antagonist in my life as well as someone I love and respect. There are times when I want to shake her, or scream at her, because dammit, she’s thick as a brick. How can someone so smart be so stupid?

I believe I’ve mentioned that I try very hard not to antagonize her. I try not to talk to her about witchcraft and paganism at all, but today it was mentioned, and we talked. Sort of. Conclusion of the discussion: She thinks she’s right. I told her that. You think you’re right. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you are. No. Stop. Shut up mom, and let it go. You think you’re right, that’s it.

So smart…but so stupid. She won’t listen. It’s really useless to talk to her about it because she immediately responds negatively. She doesn’t want to hear what I’m saying, she just wants me to know that I’m wrong.

In other news, my brother is convinced that I’m a Satanist.


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