I started college on Monday. It’s wonderful and I’m so happy to be there!

That isn’t the point of this. I have a introduction to humanities class, and the teacher is hilarious and is very good at explaining things in the simplest terms possible. Today, we were learning about Egypt and Mesopotamia, and most of the lecture was was dedicated to teaching us a little, basic Egyptian mythology.

Near the beginning, she contrasts the Egyptian and Mesopotamian pantheons, and gives a two sentence summery of the Mesopotamian flood myth, and ends with “They were really scary!”

Cut to the end of the day. My mom has picked me up and we’re on our way home. I begin telling her about the class, and she just randomly interjects: “That’s the difference between…the Christian God…and, uh, all those other gods. He created us out of love, not anger.”

At which point, I’m pretty sure my face was this:


Now, let’s be clear, at this point I was telling her about the gods getting pissed that humans were being loud little bitches and flooding our asses. How do you get creation out of that?

Anyway… I was just…extremely confused. This woman took a world religions class in college. She’s not dumb… Really, she isn’t. I guess she’s just ignorant.

I decide to go with the first thing that pops into my mind, and give her the Cliff Notes of the Greek creation of humans as I remember it. Now, to my understanding, Prometheus created and loved the humans (If anyone knows a Hellenic polytheist, please point them in my direction so they can correct me or elaborate on that). The dude brought us fire, probably knowing that he’d get in a ton of trouble for it. If that isn’t love I’m not sure what is….

I just don’t understand why she gets like this, or says such silly things…


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