Why I am Allowed to be Angry

I love history. It’s my favorite subject in the world, and since I was a little girl one of my favorite things to do was look at pictures of ruined cities and temples, of frescoes and statues, of restored, ancient Greek pottery. I’ve always, for as long as I can remember, fantasized about visiting these places, walking among crumbling stone walls and pillars. I’ve dreamt of standing before ruined altars and feeling the power that is still there, even with the priests and worshipers long dead.

Before I ever understood what the term meant, these ruins were my holy places. They were my gateways to the past, my links to people long dead.

And now I identify as a pagan, a polytheist…and now they are even more important. These ruins still hold religious importance to thousands of people around the world today, and they are being brutally, heartlessly destroyed. What happens if ISIL finds it’s way into Greece? Turkey? Egypt? INDIA?! They will destroy everything! Rape and massacre our precious heritage and that of others! Raze it all to the ground and leave nothing but dust!

I didn’t realize until now how important these places were to me. It took Beth Wodandis’s article, then Galina Krasskova’s for me to understand why I feel this rage bubbling in my chest.

These are my holy places, my temples! And even if I don’t worship the gods they belong to I feel offense and anger on Their behalf! How dare these barbarians disrespect my people and my gods in such a way!

They hurt people not only physically but spiritually as well…it is reprehensible, unforgivable and utterly inhumane, and I will not stand for it anymore.

I can’t fight, I can barely aim and shoot straight, so I’ll do what I do best, and give as much energy as I can spare to people and People who can, and I will give cultus to the gods who have been so rudely, and brutally disrespected.

The gods appear to be on the warpath. Anyone care to join in?


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