Extra extra!

After reading Sebastian Lokason’s most recent post (to be linked later), and Beth Wodandis’, which came out last week, I’ve decided that I’d love it if we had a newsletter specifically for news pertinent to the Otherworlds. Unfortunately, that will probably never happen for a variety of reasons, but one must admit that it would at least be useful if it were created. I mean, personally, I would love weekly updates as to what the Hunt is doing this Autumn. I’d also like to hear how the preparations for war are going on Olympus (I may be wrong about the Olympians. If anyone knows a Hellenic polytheist who actually speaks to their gods, point them in my direction to I can get confirmation). The situation in Vanaheim is fascinating and so is what’s apparently going on with the Infernal pantheon. I would suck dick for a consistent source of news about this stuff!


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