The post I didn’t want to make

Reblogging this in case any of my followers are confused about the last post I reblogged. That was in response to this.

Guys…I have one more thing to say on this: Read both sides of the story, and apply those critical thinking skills we worked so hard to develop in school. Remember that the only people who know exactly what happened are Da’at, Tif, and Sebastian, and (I am putting this as honestly as possible) even if they are all telling the truth, they are also all telling the story so as to put themselves in the best light.

Don’t blindly follow Tif and Da’at, if you’re a reader of theirs, and the same goes for Sebastian’s readers. Think critically and form your own opinions. Question everything, but for gods sake, don’t be an ass about it.


2 thoughts on “The post I didn’t want to make

  1. Thank you.

    There are two sides to every story, and I have said more than once that yeah, I was not the easiest person to live with during the first few months I lived with Tif and Da’at, I’ve acknowledged this, and I’ve apologized for any pain they were caused by my hot mess of health problems + first year of transition + trauma creating mood swings and so on. But they definitely didn’t handle things the right way and in many cases they made it worse… THAT SAID, the only three people who know EXACTLY what went on, as you put it, are Tif, Da’at, and myself.

    Personally, I just want this to be done because I have to get back to work. 😛 And it’s like… no matter WHAT I say in my defense, there are some people who are going to believe their side of things anyway… and no matter WHAT they say in their defense, there are some people who are going to believe my side and continue to support my writing and my shop. So I think there’s a “stalemate” here, and ultimately people are going to have to decide for themselves what’s what. If Da’at keeps beating the same drum against me over and over again on Tumblr for the next several months it’s going to look like he has an axe to grind and that this is a personal vendetta and has nothing to do with legitimate concerns of “warning” the Pagan community about me.

    Anyway… thank you for reblogging this, and also for presenting a balanced commentary on it.


    • Holy shit, senpai noticed me… *faints*

      Now, more seriously: You’re welcome. If there’s one thing I hate more than bullies, it’s ignorance and sheep mentality. Mostly bullies though. Having suffered from this sort of treatment myself in real life, my hackles go up as soon as I see something like what Da’at wrote about you.


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