We The People need to actually do Something

More and more frequently, when I read about things like this, about feminism, misogyny, and the government and goddamn student loan debt, I get this balloon of anger and frustration in my gut, and I feel the vague urge to punch the nearest solid object.

A while ago, some Republican, probably some GOP buffoon, described the Occupy movement, and the whole ‘We are the 99%’ thing as class warfare. He called it unAmerican. Has this guy been living under a fucking rock? Did he even attend elementary school (or maybe he attended it in Texas or Alabama)? America was fucking built on revolution and protest. There is nothing more American than class warfare, than protesting inequality, than demanding that your government make changes to the system. There is nothing more American than calling the government on its corruption and bullshit and demanding that they stop, nothing more American, NOTHING more American than demanding representation for your people in the governing body.

The most disgusting thing about corruption in the United States government is how blatant they are about it, the second most disgusting thing is how they and we continue to think of America as being somehow more righteous than other nations. Well I’ll tell you fucking what. We are more similar to Russia and Iran than anything else. Our so called democracy is  a thin facade- no, a transparent shower curtain, spattered with dried shampoo and lime deposits and bodily fluids, that shows the plutocracy that truly runs our country. Corporations and the wealthy who make sure nothing, not government legislation, or common fucking decency gets in the way of their making money.

Actually, I’m wrong. The most disgusting thing about government corruption is that We The People let it happen. We care so little and are distracted so easily that they can do this right out in the open and have nothing to fear. Who will do anything to stop them, after all? We’re content little citizens, happy with our cheap, MSG filled food, and our Netflix. We don’t care that the government is allowing corporations to poison us with chemicals and toxins, we don’t care that our air and water and bodies are being polluted.

Or maybe we do care, but don’t think we can do anything about it. Maybe we do care, but standing up trying to stop it will get us shouted down. Maybe we think that if we stand up, we’ll be standing alone, and there is nothing more terrifying than standing alone in a crowd, staring down the people in charge.

Maybe the reason we do nothing is because we think we can’t make a difference, or maybe we think that someone else is going to do it.

No one else is going to do it.  No one. Because everyone else is just like you, feels just like you.

I wonder if we’re all goddamn cowards, I wonder if any of us truly care.

Do you know why the government, the rich, the 1% aren’t afraid of us? Do you know why they can brush of ‘We are the 99%, and we are hungry”, like it’s dirt on their clothes? Because they know that we won’t do a damn thing.

“All it takes is one person to make a difference” or whatever they told us in school is absolute bullshit. We need an army. We need people who are angry and fed up and willing to revolt and riot.

We are afraid to kick up a fuss though, that’s the truth of the matter. It’s all well and good to talk about these things, but when it comes down to it, none of us will do anything. We don’t want people to look at us, we don’t want to be judged.
We are cowards.

I Am the 99%

I Am the 99%


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