I Bought Myself an Education

…And I’m not entirely sure if it’s worth it yet.

Last week I joined the Grey School of Wizardry out of a desire to get a more structured education in magic and other subjects, and so far I’m rather ambivalent about it. Certainly, it teaches you things, it even teaches some of them relatively well, if in bite sized portions, but there’s something about it that is entirely lacking thus far. I’m not sure if it’s because it was developed for slightly younger audiences or if I’m just a snob, but I feel as though the school is squandering its potential.

[Edited not even a minute after posting]

As I was writing the above paragraph I was considering mentioning how I had learned more from Tumblr and WordPress blogs than I had from GSW so far, but I didn’t because that sounds incredibly impolite. But then I thought about that for a moment after posting and I realized something: In high school, blogs taught me more than classes did, and it’s frequently the same in college as well. And that’s okay.

That’s okay because schools will never teach you everything, and they do that on purpose. You can’t just be spoon fed everything, you have to go out on your own and research, read all those difficult books on folklore and magic, ferret out what’s real and what’s BS, and you have to do it on your own. That’s the point.



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