The Good Girl Needs to Die

“The good girl betrays the inner Don Draper that’s come to define a generation of self-denying misogynists. She’s an intellectual figment that’s conjured up when an emasculated man feels like he must make a cursory display of power. However, physically and emotionally, these same men are uncontrollably attracted to dynamic, powerful, unpredictable women. In Drake’s case, he’s shown outward sexual attraction to Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, both of whom (at least in the “message” of their public personas), are bold, sexual, delightfully unruly women who all relish in upsetting the status quo weaponizing highly visible bodies against patriarchy. Which makes the instance on the existence of the “good girl” seem slightly pathetic, the action of a child who’s been told it can’t have pizza, must have broccoli instead, tasted the broccoli, loved it, but out of spite and feeble protest won’t eat it, and so goes to bed hungry.”

-Kat George, Who is Pop Music’s ‘Good Girl’ And How The Hell Do We Get Rid Of Her?

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