Inspiration for Grimoires

I’ve been on Youtube the last couple of hours just looking for inspiration for my own grimoire, and I’ve seen a couple of really beautiful  ones that I just have to share with you guys!


From brandt19699:
This man has one of the loveliest books I have ever seen. It’s beautifully illustrated and seems to be packed with information, though he doesn’t go deep into it. Watch for inspiration.

My Book of Shadows

Exorcism Ritual in Book of Shadows

My book of shadows update #2

From Pir8forever:
Another beautiful book. She has lovely hand calligraphy and a lot of planning goes into it. Unfortunately she’s stopped updating us about it. Early videos are of questionable quality.

My Book of Shadows

My Wiccan Book of Shadows

How I Create a Page in my Book of Shadows

BOS Update 2012 Part 1

BOS Update 2012 Part 2

Writing in My BOS

The Birth of My Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows Update 2013

Book of Shadows Update 2013 Part 2

Book of Shadows Update 2013 Part 3

From Arawn4:
While not quite the artist brandt19699 is, he isn’t exactly bad either. His borders and calligraphy are impressive, and his  book is reminiscent of the book of shadows from Charmed. The video quality is sometimes shit.

My Pagan Book of Shadows so far…

Update on my Book of Shadows   and Part 2

Book of Shadows Part 1 (Feel free to question video title practices. I know I did.)

How I Bound my Book of Shadows

My Old Book(s) of Shadows

And so many more. So many, in fact, that I’m not linking them all. Go to his Youtube channel and you’ll find plenty.

From Ember HoneyRaven:
This is one of the few witches I will actually recommend subscribing to. She’s funny, informative, helpful, and uploads videos consistently.

Chit Chat: Book of Shadows and Grimoires

My Grimoire, Witchy Datebooks, and Mishmash

Lookie! A small haul and grimoire ramble

From HerSpeak:

I actually just ran across this lady’s channel today, and I’ve decided that I quite like her and want to share. Most of her videos are of excellent quality (meaning it isn’t incredibly blurry), her voice is pleasant, and from what I can tell she updates relatively frequently (Also, she’s funny. Seriously guys, this is so rare!).

ROCK your Grimoire! Sacred If You Make It So: BOS Love [Tour],Tips & Prompts

From Fae (Witch in the City):

How to Make a Book of Shadows Part 1 and Part 2

From RhomanysRealm:

Book of Shadows; Thoughts on Personalization


What I think everyone should take away from this (other than beautiful images in your minds) is that there are a million ways to make make and use your grimoire.

And also that we all start out with really shitty handwriting and drawing skills.


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