The Grimoire Challenge, Week 1

January, Week 1: Preparation

I only heard about the Grimoire Challenge a week after it had already begun, so I was late to the game to begin with. Then, of course, I put starting off because I’m a college student, and I do like keeping my grades high. So, here I am, three weeks late and with Week 1. There are divination activities included in the challenge, but seeing as I plan on doing my own series of posts on the tarot, I will be skipping that. Expect to see the tarot posts by mid February.

Now, as I am very very late with this, weeks one through three will all be posted together. When I’m caught up, I’ll space the activities out more.


SPELL ACTIVITY: When you’ve chosen your medium, you may want to write a small dedication or bless your medium and writing utensils. Make sure to write down the procedure that you use so you can do if it again if you need to!

I’m writing all of the information gathered for this challenge in a spare journal, and do not intend on consecrating my tools for this. I will, however, be consecrating them when I transfer all of this over to my main grimoire.

CORRESPONDENCE ACTIVITY: Write down three to five of the most common items you use in your practice. These could be herbs, tools, crystals, or whatever else you find yourself reaching for first. Write down your correspondences for them – what are these item’s properties? Why do you use these items? What are your personal associations for these items? Are there any warnings attached to these items?

Thread, Yarn, and Ribbon – I think that many people underestimate the magic that can be done with stringy things like thread and ribbon. Most just stop at basic knot spells and witch ladders, which is unfortunate and shows a rather disappointing lack of creativity. Imagine: catching wind hanks of yarn. Tossing your leftover pieces of thread into a box and shaking until they’re impossibly tangled, to curse someone, keep them from thinking straight.

Candles – There are just so many kinds and you can do so much with them! Power spells, charge sigils, keep time! (That last one isn’t magical, I’ll grant you, but it’s still cool)

Paper – Soak it in gem elixirs or storm water to match your intent, write spells down and draw sigils. Has anyone considered origami magic? Paper is more than that thing we write notes on. It’s more than what we copy spells and sigils on. It is far more more than anyone realizes, I think. To put something down on paper makes the thing you are writing sacred to you and others, and that, in turn, makes the paper sacred. 

SPELL ACTIVITY 2: Today heralds in the start of a new year! This week’s activity is to write a spell or a ritual that welcomes in 2016. What would you like to accomplish in the new year? Use that as a starting point to jump off of in your spell or ritual creation. Don’t worry too much about the structure of your spell if you are new to spell crafting. We will most definitely be working on spell crafting this month!

Releasing Negativity:
A ritual to be performed on new year’s eve

On slips of nine paper (I used homemade) write down negative traits and characteristics that you don’t want to carry over into the new year. Meditate over them if you want. Then burn them, one at a time, and say:

“I release this to the universe and invite the positive in this new year.”


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