Grimoire Challenge, Week 3

Man I’m boring. I’m only doing one thing  for Week 3!

Correspondence Activity: Make a list of the stones you own, use in your practice, or want to use in your practice. What properties and associations do you use in conjunction with these crystals? Do you find that certain crystals have different properties than what is found on common correspondence charts?


Clear Quartz – this can be charged to do just about anything

Tiger’s Eye – For grounding, protection, good fortune. It is associated with the sun and earth. Charge in late afternoon sunlight.

Red Tiger’s Eye – Uber protection and fortune. I associate it with lunar eclipses and charge it during them, and at sundown. Used in the making of my Blood Moon water along with clear quartz.

Amethyst – Mine is a dark red-purple that has always made me associate it with wine, water at sunset, and Dionysus. It also represents honesty, transmutation, and calm. Charge under moonlight or sunlight, but not for longer than about twenty minutes, otherwise the colors will fade or the stone could crack.

Turquoise – I associate this strongly with earth. Also with cleansing, protection, healing, and grounding. Some associate it with psychic stuff and astral travel, but I’ve never felt that from it.

Aventurine – wealth, prosperity, good fortune. Whenever I look at it I think of dark, rich soil. I haven’t tried charging aventurine yet, but if I did I think I’d stick it in a pot with thriving plants.

Bloodstone – Confidence, strength, good fortune, wealth. I associate it with a mental image of deep space, with only a few dim red dwarves for lightyears around.

Opal – My birthstone. It is said that buying an opal for yourself is bad luck, and you may only receive them as gifts. I charge it in holy water under a full moon, or just in lunar water. I associate it with inspiration, good fortune, and vitality. From Witchipedia:

“Opal contains the energy of all the elements and can be used for just about any magical application. It also amplifies the energy of anything it is used with and can amplify the energy of the wearer.”


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