Grimoire Challenge, Week 5


Things to research in 2016:

Other traditions, spiritualities, and religions

  • Feri
  • Wicca
  • Animism
  • American folk magick
  • Luciferianism
  • Demonolatry
  • Chaos magick
  • Traditional Witchcraft

Magickal Things

  • Witch Bottles
  • Creation of charms and amulets
  • making enchanted jewelry
  • creation of servitors/find out what the hell those are
  • Handling spirits of all sorts
  • Spell creation


  • Wire wrapping
  • Bones – finding, cleaning, caring for, and using in magick


What types of items do you consider to correspond to luck?

  • Shiny pennies
  • Fool’s Gold (pyrite)
  • Found crystals
  • Feathers (esp. those of an Eastern Bluebird or Red-winged Blackbird)
  • Crickets


Using your correspondence list from yesterday, write a luck spell. Include a candle and water.

How about a luck drawing bag? I could say sachet, but that just sounds so damn frou frou to me.

Things You’ll Need:

  • a shiny penny
  • a small, found feather
  • a small, found crystal or stone
  • anything small that you associate with luck
  • holy water (or sun tea. I have no idea why but I’ve always thought of this drink as cleansing)
  • a small bag or piece of fabric to hold all the things
  • a candle

First, put the penny and the stone into a small dish filled with holy water (And the extra thing of yours, if it’s safe to get wet). Set the dish on the window sill or in a sunny spot, and leave it there until you’re ready to add everything to the bag.

Second, take your candle and charge/empower it with your intent. You could also dress a candle with Fast Luck oil or something else (I usually use olive oil, as it’s cheap and widely available).

Third, set the bag down in front of the candle, then set the feather on top of that (if your extra item isn’t water safe, put it here). Remove the penny and stone from the water, dry both, and set them down on the bag with the feather, then light the candle.

Now, you’re going to focus on your intentions for this, which is drawing good luck. If you like saying spells, or just anything, say ‘Bring me luck.’ You can chant that if you want.

Let the items sit there until the candle burns itself out, and then immediately put everything in the bag, and tie it up tight. Carry it with you in your pocket or purse, you can even attach it to a cord and wear it as a necklace.


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