“So scientists have found gravitational waves, and I’d like to take the opportunity to talk to you guys about how I feel this impacts magic.

Magic is real. It is the manipulation of energies in the world. It is us these tiny, cosmic blips reaching out in the fabric of existence and imposing our will. It is atoms restructuring atoms, energy changing the flow and movement of energy. We are told so often that magic isn’t real, that these forces can’t exist, and yetwe are just now finding solid proof of things that were as yet unproven. 

We knew gravity was real. Obviously we haven’t flown off the planet and into the far reaches of space. SOMETHING was doing it. It was known. We weren’t solid on the actual workings though. Now we know. Now we can see it. Now its tangible to people. 

In “olden times” healers used herbs and it was magic. And then we learned about chemical compounds and somehow decided that made it less magical. We discovered the placebo effect and decided that was less magical too, despite proving how much control we have over our own bodies. Most horrifyingly of all, we discovered celestial songs and decided it was a neat factoid and not a stunning truth of reality that stars and plants sing in the first place! Its not magic its science. Because now we have an explanation.


These things are magic. Today we have learned that there are waves we have never seen, that the effect of celestial bodies spiraling through the void is tangible. Stars and planets sing and give off waves that touch and effect other things. And that is magical. We tiny creatures with blood made of star dust, we are a part of this! And science has no measure yet, but perhaps one day it will. For now though, we deal with what we know, what we experience, but which cannot yet be quantified: We are magical.”



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