Three Cards for the Week of 3/20

Justice (R) – Well, I know what this means without even looking. Justice is my Year Card for 2016, and I’ve basically been ignoring the advice I was given on New Years, so this is something of a knock on the head to get back on track

The Moon on the Water – This one requires more reflection, but on the surface it appears that I’m being tapped to begin a project I’ve been putting off for a few weeks. However, this card is more about what lies beneath the surface of things, so we’ll see.

Two of Coins – I need to work more with these before I’m able to interpret them easily. I had to read the meaning in the book a couple of times and stare at the card for a few minutes before I even began to understand what the hell I’m supposed to get from it. It feels like it’s telling me change is coming, and that I need to loosen up and be ready to roll with what’s coming, because I don’t have anyway to stop it. That is very unnerving, as I dislike change and I hate the feeling of being helpless in the face of circumstance.



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