Inspiration for Grimoires, Part 2

Okay, I did a round-up like this several weeks ago, and I want to do it again, since I know book porn is something we’re all interested in!

…We are all interested, right? Or am I just weird?

Alright, I’m just going to pretend that everyone is as much a slut for books and information as I am and get on with the post now

Hazel Autumnwood: This woman is just a fount of information, in addition to having a pleasant voice and excellent taste in decoration.

Pir8forever: Mentioned in the last Inspiration post! She’s made an updated flipthrough of her Book of Shadows, and it’s as lovely as ever.

Book of Shadows: 2016 Flipthrough

Erick Silvermoon: This is another witchy Youtuber that you should subscribe to. He uploads videos frequently, and they are almost always of excellent quality.

Using Picmonkey for your Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows Using Evernote/Desktop

Eclectic WhiteWitch: I like her BOS, I really do, because it’s functional while still being elegant and pretty. She has one or two more videos on her BOS, so be sure to look them up!

My Personal Book/ Grimoire Flip through 

Crow & Blackthorn: this lady has a number of videos that are just about books of shadows, and I recommend you check them out.

Large Book of Shadows

Luna Anathea: Okay, this lady actually MADE the BOS you see in this video. As someone who binds books as a hobby, lemme tell you have time consuming that is: hella. While the video quality isn’t great, it’s an interesting and informative video.

Creating My Book of Shadows

Marcysiabush: LOOK AT HER BOOK. *ahem* I apologize for shouting. Her book is amazing. Now, she is speaking…I actually have no idea what language she’s speaking, but there are subtitles. Now…her book is amazing. She made it herself and it’s just gorgeous, okay?



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