My Thoughts Today

Today I received my long awaited copy of A Pagan Book of Prayer, by Ceisiwr Serith. Today, I also saw a user on Tumblr (who was on anonymous…) ask, and I quote “Is christopaganism horseshit or what?”  Now, that link takes you to the answer hyacinth-halcyon gave, and it was a good answer, and I don’t really have anything to add to it. However, that question and response, along with the book, jogged a memory I had of the Intro to Humanities class I had last semester, where my teacher said something along the lines of:

” A lot of the people back then were members of multiple different cults, so when the Christian missionaries came and started proselytizing, they basically went into it with the mindset of Christianity being another cult they could be part of.”

Now, I could be remembering this entirely incorrectly, or forgetting important parts of the lesson (it was also an intro class at a community college, so she wasn’t going into the nitty gritty of it), but I found that pretty interesting. She also said that a lot of people were hedging their bets with all the cults they joined, which I thought was just such a…a human thing to do.



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