Grimoire Inspiration, Part 3

Aaand we’re back again with another installment of Grimoire Inspiration, with your hostess, the charming, lovely, quite possibly insane: [name redacted].

Heh. Yeah, I’m not confident enough to be giving anyone my real name at the moment. This is a queued post, so by the time this goes up, it’s more than likely any identifying details, or images of my face have been removed from the  blog. If they haven’t, it just means I changed my mind after much thought. Anyway, on with our scheduled content!

SuviGloom: While the contents of the book are not creative in and of themselves, the beginning is good for getting ideas if you want to actually make your own book.

My BOS: How I Made it and a Flip Through!

Vayu Tiger: I’m going to be shallow here for just a moment: He’s really cute and he has a nice voice. Also, I’m jealous of his hair in this video. Okay, done. Now, the video quality is a little iffy in some videos, but sound quality is usually good. This is another witchy/pagan Youtuber that I definitely recommend subscribing to. Just a brief scroll through his videos shows consistent uploads, and fascinating content that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into.

Digital Book of Shadows

The Magical Record

Mandi See:

Starting a Book of Shadows or Journal

Seka Raven Ink: Seka is a pretty good hand letterer and illustrator, and has several videos featuring the work she does in her BOS. Excellent for a bit of quick inspiration if you don’t want to end up like me: stuck in the darkest bowls of Pinterest, looking at calligraphy and ink.

Witch Ladder: Book of Shadows

Erick Silvermoon: I’m pretty sure he’s been mentioned in every one of these posts…
This is his response to a video I mentioned in the very first post in this series. Erick’s video is well worth watching for anyone who finds themselves losing interest in their Book.

VR: HerSpeak (Molly) Book of Shadows




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